Saturday, August 4, 2012

Brace yourselves....

i have a new computer, and reliable internet, and about 1500 pictures from the last 18 months. it is quite possible that i update this ole blog =)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just a story.....

About the differences between boys and girls.
Carson talked his dad into playing Godzilla. They were having a great time killing each other, and biting off legs, arms, etc. "This one can shoot lasers from its eyes dad!" (appropriate killing godzilla noises included. Use your imagination!)
Enter: the little sister. Kenzie picks up the biggest godzilla and cradles it. Lovingly strokes its head and says, "Be nice to my baby."
The game is ruined.
Kenz rocks the baby back and forth, like any good mother would, and defends claims that her baby is a monster.
Dad," Thats your baby? He's kind of an ugly baby isn't he?"
(Moans, groans and whining from Carson in the background)
Kenzie looked at her baby, looked at the other godzillas and looked at her dad.
She drops godzilla, and is gone without another word. Off to destry something else.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sunday Pictures

This was in November. The weather has been crazy! Its a little colder now, but still no snow. I love leaves, and my kids are super cute, so I took a few pictures one Sunday after church. I think they are pretty good, I may be just a bit bias though.
This girl is completely adorable!

Him too!

Seriously, they are so stinkin' cute!

Best little friends.

Throwing leaves in the air!

Pueblo Zoo.......

Not bad for the first piture Carson has ever taken! Yep, we are posing as Indians. Well I guess its not posing when you are the real thing!

You can't really see, but there is a HUGE bull elk in the background. Carsons favorite thing in the world right now.

Kenzie, petting the miniature horse.

Cars, and the miniature donkey. They were so cute!

We were at this exhibit for at least 20 minutes. Emma and I are just as excited as the kids!

The penguin exhibit was so cool! We seriously watched them forever and tried to get the penguins to follow our fingers. I am a little excited, can ya tell?
Crazy ostrich! Emma least favorite! They were so big! There were about four of them and they chased/followed us as long as they could, pecking at the fence and making their weird little ostrich noises.

It was a fun day. I was pretty impressed, and will definitely go back next summer! There was a really big lion too, we got to hear it roar. So awesome! We LOVE the zoo!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Busy, busy, busy! Alot has happened this month. Starting with the last thing first, All Hallows Eve. Its so fun but, a ridiculous amount of work to go to 6 houses trick-or-treating. My kids were SO excited though. Captain Hook (well his "helper" cause we lost the hook at a pre-halloween party!) and Tinkerbell.

The roof of our new house!!!!! Finally able to get some sheeting up with the help of my awesome big little brother! Cole has been a huge help. By the time Cade gets home from school, there isn't a whole lot of daylight left. So they work really hard and fast to get one row up a night!
Working hard while I take pictures! It really looks like a house now.
My little pumpkins, holding their pumpkins! Kenzie's came out of our garden this year.
Kenzie eating the pumkins, after I told her don't put that in your mouth! She would lick it and look at me like mmmmm, this is good!
So excited to carve the pumkins! Carson couldn't wait for this part. =D
Unc, being a great Unc, reading to the kids. We are SUPER excited that he will be living here for a few months at least. Carson wants to have a spend the night every night. He even prayed for Unc to have enough $ so he wouldn't have to go to work, and could spend the night. They really love him!
Well that is part of October, keep reading and you can see what else we have done in the past month!
PS- look at me go with the blogging! hahaha

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Almost a reunion! 4 of Grandma's 7 kids were there, and a fraction of her grandkids, and great-grandkids. We had a good time though! we met a few sundays ago at after church at the park in Sanford. We had some good food, good visits, and of course, a good game of football!

Our cheering section.
Serious strategies being developed here!
There were a few good hits before we switched to 2 hand touch. =D
I don't know who is more excited to have their pictures taken, my kids or Grandma!
This is all of us, lets see if I can get everybody! Back row on the left: Gordon, Cole, Lynn, Mike, Dad. Next row: Dixie, Kayla, Lois, Tiana, Emma, Jan, TJ, Tyla, Tayte, Ashlee, Kenzie, Kelsi, Kenya. Front row: Colby, Cord, Casen, Mandy, Grandma, Carson, Tyrell, Kacee, Natalia, Taylor, Cody, Colton, and Austin. Oh, and Misty was asleep in the car. Whew!

Round-up 2010

Round-up this fall was really good, nice weather, good company. We even had a little extra help!
Sweetheart of a girl!
Love him!
Cutest. Kids. Ever.
Like father, like son! These two would ride everyday if they could!
Carson waits for this all year! He would wake up every moring for about 2 weeks before the cattle drive and ask if he could ride. He is our lil' cowboy!
Oh, how I love them!

The three Amigos!
2 of the cutest cowboys, ever!
Emma and Cole helping out on the good ole cattle drive!